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Tantis: Kings of Old
An Epic Strategy Game
We call Tantis: Kings of Old an "Epic Strategy Game" (ESG), bringing together realistic national economies, elements of geo-political simulations as well as both the strategic and tactical concepts of war and the freedom of sandbox gameplay, to name but a few. These and many other elements combine in a fictional, yet true-to-life and historically plausible world of Europe that develops with you from the 6th century through the middle ages.

The purpose of Epic Strategy is to remove as many limitations as possible enabling you to create your own epic story. This new way of gaming will not only let you create and maintain the world as you see fit, but to let you experience and interact with it. We are designing TKO to realistically replicate the experience of being a king or queen in the middle ages. As such you will have total power, but with it comes a great deal of responsibility. The way you interact with the world around you will determine the outcome of your character's and your kingdom's past, present, and future.