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Tantis is an island kingdom located roughly 150 miles northwest off the coast of Spain. Combined, the islands are equal in land mass to just over half of Ireland. Most islands are largely forested with rolling hills or small mountains and fine rocky beaches or steep cliffs. It is a very green country with similar weather to the British Isles which brings with it the experience of all four seasons.

The government of Tantis is an absolute monarchy; meaning that the king or queen has absolute control over the kingdom.

Sometime in the 10th century b.c.e., a clan known as the Venti were driven from their homes, of what is now northern Scotland, forcing them to take to the sea. They soon discovered the islands of Tantis and took up residence, calling this new home the “Great Lands.” As such, they are the native Tantans who eventually split into seven unique clans.

In 391 a.d. the Roman legion, Legio VII Germina Felix, discovered the islands after navigating through a treacherous storm. When they realized they did not reach Britania, but a new land, they made haste to inform the Roman emperor Valentinian II, who ordered a fort be constructed and the islands scouted. Upon their return, the Roman cohort was met with hostility from one of the local clans who started a war spanning three years. Soon after the Roman victory they discovered more hostile clans, and Emperor Theodosius I ordered their withdrawal fearing a similar and expensive problem as that in Britania.

Decades later, the young Roman general Decimus Maximus, the founding father, learned of the islands, giving birth to a vision. With the empire divided, Christianity spreading, and enemies closing in, Decimus left the empire taking with him those among his ranks who sought the same. It was then in 452 they landed upon the island of Eastgate and settled in the ruined Felix Fortress. Soon after, they were met with hostility from the remaining clans, who feared a similar fate as their fallen brothers. Engaging in many battles for five long years, Maximus' forces proved victorious. With devastating result, the remaining native Tantans bowed down to their superior force becoming indentured servants.

During the war, Maximus erected many stone structures, planted crops, and gave birth to a new nation. Establishing a throne and crown, he forged the government of old creating royal counsels, restructuring the military, and seeding the foundations for a strong economy.

The years following King Maximus' untimely death, by the hand of his son, were dark and uncertain times full of civil uprising and death. The cruelty by which Maximus II ruled was his undoing when he forced his son, Prince Joshua, to choose between his father and what is right. It came to be known as the “Bloodless Battle” as Maximus II and Joshua fought to the death. It was in his last waking moments, laying in a pool of his own blood, that Joshua declared to his father that he forever tainted the name Maximus, and it shall die with him this day. From that day on all persons of title within the Kindom of Tantis were known by their first name.

As king, Joshua made right the wrongs of his father by mending the threads of a frightened people. Made anew were the foundations and values of his grandfather. Alliances were rekindled and a prosperous and strengthened kingdom arose from the ashes, marking the most peaceful and greatest chapter of Tantan history. Truly one of the two great kings of old!

The year is 549 of the second age, and the time of King Joshua draws near to an end. You are the crowned prince/princess of Tantis marking the start of your history.

As your epic tale begins, King Joshua will guide and prepare you to eventually take the thrown of Tantis. You are taught about royal etiquette and your role as a leader while learning how to interact with world leaders, advisors, nobles, peasants, and get a feel of the world around you.

When ready to take the reigns, your “father” will die followed by a burial ceremony. Shortly after at the crowning ceremony you are pronouned as king/queen. This will repeat as your characters die, creating your own custom history.

The goal is to create your own story spanning 850 years as you see fit. No matter what happens throughout history, the point is... you control it directly or indirectly. The world as we know it may very well be a very different place.

What will you do... How will you rule?