Our Mission
Cater to the wants, needs, and diverstiy of the gaming community by developing fully interactive and immersive games.
"Not just games, an Epic experience!" ©
It has long been our belief that any good business keeps their customer's wants and needs in the forefront of every decision.
About Us
Welcome to Tantis Games! Our goal is to not only bring high quality games to the game industry, but to allow our patrons to immerse their alter ego into an experience that is truly epic with a sandbox style game. All the titles currently planned from Tantis Games are being designed to provide the player with not only deeply thought out game play, but to provide the experience with realistic characteristics, and immersive worlds that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but full of life. A truly epic experience!

As gamers we know the frustration that accompanies  such limited game play design. This is what drives us to tailor our concepts for the player from a player's perspective. In doing so a whole new realm of gaming can be created. We are very excited to have the opportunity to improve the way games are played.

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